Beitrittsdatum: 13. Mai 2022

Gambling Commission for this review in January 2017, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board92 was clearly under the impression that this was the next in the series of triennial reviews

This was not the case. The consultation was not published until October 2017, with the Government’s response then published in May 2018. The executive summary set out the Government’s “focus on reducing gambling-related harm, protecting the vulnerable and making sure that those experiencing problems are getting the help they need.”

For the first time, the review recommended a reduction in some of the stakes.95 100. Online gambling was also considered within the review; however the Government placed the onus upon the Gambling Commission and operators to reduce the risk of harm occurring.96 We believe the Government needs to go further to address the risk of harm posed by online gambling, and the rapid development of new games and technology. Since this review concluded in 2018, there has been no further indication of when the next phase will take place.

We recommend that the Government should reinstate the triennial reviews of maximum stake and prize limits, and they should be extended to include both gaming machines and online gambling products. Consultation for the next review should begin before the end of this year, with conclusions drawn and action taken by the middle of 2021.

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